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An increasingly popular wedding gift from the bride to her new husband, is a set of images in a boudoir setting. Often done 3-4 weeks before the big day, the lady may choose to hire a luxurious hotel suite, with a 4 poster bed to create a perfect background setting. Alternatively the shoot can be done at the bride's own home, usually in a bedroom, or we can set up different backdrops and lighting,
The image content usually ranges from wedding lingerie with all the accessories, up to 'implied nude' level, often including some topless and nude images as a separate set, to impress their man at a later time.
A further option is to add your wedding dress to the photo shoot, if you have it in time. Alternatively, some ladies opt for a 'Post Wedding' photoshoot that does include their dress and all the accessories, perhaps as a first anniversary gift.

Bridal Boudoir
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Lingerie with Accessories
Wedding Dress
 These images can be part of a Bridal Boudoir set, if the lady has her dress well in advance of the wedding, or can be done as part of a Post Wedding photo shoot. A Post Wedding boudoir shoot makes a great anniversay present, for ladies who are lucky enough to still fit into their wedding outfit.
Implied & Sheer
This level is also common and usually forms part of the overall set of images from the shoot. Here the lady may me topless, or nude, but nipples and genitals remain (mostly) hidden from view. This differes slightly from our 'implied nude' section, as we can include 'Sheer' images, which basically means that nipples and the genital area may be partly visible, due to see through items of clothing or lace, but still provides a slightly obstructed view of these areas.
 A common level for Bridal Boudoir, this mostly includes the bride-to-be wearing her wedding lingerie, along with some of the accessories, such as Veil, garter, shoes. Other clothing items may include a thin white or cream coloured robe, nightie or negligee and any baggy or loose clothing as the only item worn. A nice touch is to wear an item of thier partner's clothing, perhaps his favourite shit, or V neck jumper.
Topless & Nude
This level pretty much allows everything to be seen, but is still done in the context of a boudoir setting. Many ladies opt for a small selection of these type of images to be included in their photo shoot, although often held back from the main image set. There may be a number of reasons for doing so, but for those brave enough to step outside of their comfort zone for the love of their partner, it is quite a liberating and empowering part of the day, creating a selection of sensual images that can only impress...