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In My Skin
A High Quality Service
      Once you have done your FREE photo shoot, you will receive an email link to view your personal set of digital images, securely online. This will usually be in around 2 weeks and provide at least 25 images, produced in 3 colour styles for you to view online.before buying. For each image, we edit in3 different formats. Colour, a Sepia effect and greyscale. Depending on backgrounds, lighting etc, they can look quite different from image to image. some example sets below: The costs to buy your set of images varies depending on distance travelled and how many images you want, but rest assured that we are not expensive and on occasion, will provide them FREE OF CHARGE if we may use some as examples on our website. This will likely be discussed and agreed  in advance of a photo shoot, if doing so benefits both parties.

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    Why do we choose these 3 variations only ? ...well, when it comes to editing images, there a many effects and procedures that can be applied. However, in order to keep the time and cost realistic, we decided on these three options. Sometimes we spot an opportunity to apply a posterizing effect to a particular image, but this is at our discretion and should not be expected for each of your digital images.

    So you will receive a minimum of 75 high resolution images, in .jpg format on a USB hard drive, or emailed in groups of around 6 images at a time, once you have approved and purchased your set.
     Remember, if you do not like your images you are not obliged to buy them, your photo shoot was free of charge. A typical cost is around £60 + any additional travel expenses

A High Quality Service
      A Posterizing effect can be applied to any image style and can look fantastic when framed in a large A3 size. The relatively small image examples below, really do not do these justice, but they do show how this effect can appear. It changes from person to person, image to image and can be used as a way of diffusing the intimate detail from a favourite (but daring) picture. For example, you may wish to have a nude or nearly nude photo shoot, but dare not have a framed, nude picture hanging on the wall. The posterizing effect gives you the opportunity to show that you really did pose for the image, but the close up, intimate detail will be diffused so the picture may appear more 'arty' ....and they look great too !